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  • Net wt :- 5 KG
  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • Premium quality indian raisins.
  • May contain an occasional stem / stalk.
  • Hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards.
  • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening.
  • Return Policy: All food products are non-returnable.


  • Munakka means currant and these raisins are seedless.


  • Delivery Period : 5 to 10 working days depending upon the delivery location
  • Shipping charges :- Rs.500 extra.
  • Cash on Delivery not eligible.

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Black raisins (Black kishmish online shopping) product description :

Black raisins (Black kishmish online shopping) Brand : Royal Fantasy

Weight : 5 KG

Furthermore the weight of the black kishmish that you are online shopping is exclusive of the boxes in which the kishmish are packed. In conclusion it is the net weight of kishmish.

For example if you buy 5 KG of black kishmish the net weight of the kishmish will be 5 KG and the total weight of the box and black kishmish may be rather around 5.5 to 7 KG, depending upon the weight of the corrugated box and the variety of kishmish you choose from.

Most importantly storage instructions : Store in a cool dry place. Hence place in a refrigerator.

First of all we would like to inform you that kishmish are to be stored in refrigerator to preserve its quality.

Therefore in order to maintain the quality of the kishmish, the kishmish are consequently stored in a state of art cold storage’s.

Therefore to maintain the quality the temperature of cold storage’s is set from 0 to 5 degree Celsius.

Country of origin : India

Ingredient type : Vegetarian

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  • Sixth: “Storage : The raisins are stored in Cold storage’s.”
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Synonymous and regional names of the raisins

Hindi and Bengali languages in India : Raisins are called as Kishmish

Telugu languages in India : Raisins are called as Yendu Draksha

Tamil languages in India : Raisins are called as Ular Thirachai or ular dhraakshai/kaintha or ular drakshai

Malyalam languages in India : Raisins are called as Unakku Munthiringa

Kannada languages in India : Raisins are called as Ona Drakshi/Vonadrakaashe

Gujarati languages in India : Raisins are called as Lal Draksh / Khismis

Marathi languages in India : Raisins are called as Bedana / Manuka

Punjabi languages in India : Raisins are called as Khishmish

Bengali languages in India : Raisins are called as Kash

About cold storage’s:

Most importantly the temperature at which the kishmish are stored in cold storage’s varies from zero degree Celsius to ten degree Celsius. The cold storage’s are  air tight and no external air circulation exists in the state of art cold storage’s to preserve the qualities of black kishmish online. The cold storage’s are located in the grape growing areas of Maharashtra state in India. The storage capacity of the cold storage’s that are used to store kishmish varies from hundreds of Metric tonnes to thousand of metric tonnes.

The details of the temperature at the state of art cold storage’s are

Evaporation Temp: -2 C
Ambient Temp: 42 C
Condensing Temp: 50 C
Room Temp : 4 to 6 C

Most importantly externally the cold storage’s to store the black kishmish online are covered by heat insulating material of 80mm thick PUF panels insulation. The doors at the cold storage’s are of hinged type. Besides that the cold storage are totally hygienic and licence by the related concerned government office. Electronic temperature controller are used for the purposes of indicating room temperature.

Besides that the gas used for the refrigeration system is usually Refrigerant charge freon gas R-404a. The Motor control center electrical control panel are with all electrical safety devices fitted. Usually Siemmens/ABB/L&T make contactors, relays are used in the cold storage’s to store black kishmish online with required timers and safety circuit. The insulation is usually of Imported suction line aeroflex insulation with 3/8″ thickness in the state of art cold storage’s to store raisins.

Most importantly generally the condensing unit used in cold storage’s is Bitzer make semi-hermetic condensing unit fitted with compressor , fully loaded condensing unit with all safety devices, drier, ball valve. (For cold room). 64KWR capacity in cold room. ICL / starcooler make cooling coil made with continuous sinewave aluminium fins on coppertubes of usually Capacity : 38kwr are used in cold storage’s. Refrigeration grade copper piping Suction line
1-3/8″ and liquid line 5/8″ are generally used for gas piping.

Refrigeration System

Most importantly the refrigeration system consist of twin circuit independent units. The air-cooled condensing unit is to be located in the refrigeration machine room the Air Cooling units in packing house is to be in ceiling suspended arrangement.

Besides that the units are hence designed for automatic operation with automatic defrost arrangement and adequate control system for the maintenance of the specified temperature and relative humidity.

Benefits of raisins

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“8 Amazing Benefits Of Black Raisins For Skin, Hair And Health”


Ayurvedic Medicinal Uses of raisins

“Grapes and raisins – uses, research, remedies, side effects”

Besides that black raisins packing’s are available in

♦ 100 gms ♦

♦ 250 gms ♦

♦ 500 gms ♦

♦ 1 KG ♦

♦ 3 KG♦

♦ 5 KG ♦

♦ 10 KG ♦

♦ 15 KG ♦

3 types of categories of raisins available at our store

♦ Golden raisins (100 gms to 15 Kg) ♦

♦ Black raisins (100 gms to 15 Kg) ♦

♦ Brown raisins (100 gms to 15 Kg) ♦


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