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RAISINS MART is the perfect online ecommerce store to buy kishmish online. We are right here to serve you. Presenting India’s best premium quality indian raisins at the wholesale price.

Raisinsmart.com is the only online store that sale raisins online in wholesale packaging from 1 kg to 15 kg. Maharashtra state is one of the top producer of grapes and raisins in India.

Sangli and Nashik districts in Maharashtra state in India are the largest producers of grapes and raisins. Almost 90 % of the raisins consumption in India is supplied by these two districts. Raisins Mart brings you premium quality Indian raisins directly from the raisins producing areas i.e. Sangli and Nashik.

Raisins Mart

Welcome to Raisins Mart! We are a premium e-commerce platform where you can buy authentic and good-quality raisins online. We are a top-notch brand that sells a wide variety of quality raisins at affordable prices. Raisins Mart is based in Sangli. It is a popular city in the state of Maharashtra, India. We produce and export grapes as well as raisins of excellent quality. Moreover, we deliver to Arab countries and the European market.

We are believers of healthy living and are fitness enthusiasts. It is no secret that raisins contain a lot of nutritional value. They also come with a range of health benefits. This is precisely why we started this business. It started small but has now become a massive manufacturing platform in India. Are you wondering why you should buy your raisins from Raisins Mart? There are many other platforms in the market. Why shop with us? Read on to find out why!

Why You Must Buy Raisins Online from Raisins Mart

So, here are some compelling reasons why you must place an order for raisins online on our website today!

We are an online e-commerce platform that ONLY sells raisins.

The internet is full of distinct e-commerce stores that sell everything from groceries to gadgets. However, we sell only raisins on our platform. You can buy them in wholesale as well as retail quantity. This ensures our undivided attention and commitment to selling quality raisins online to our customers.

We sell raisins in bulk in India.

It is fairly easy to find e-commerce platforms online that sell raisins in fewer quantities. But you will not find any platform selling raisins in bulk. We are the only wholesale sellers of raisins in India. Moreover, we offer this product to our customers in bulk at retail prices.

You will receive premium quality Indian raisins.

We do not compromise with the quality of our products at any cost. Before packaging, we sort, clean and weigh each raisin manually. We do not rely on automated machines. Hence, there is no scope for error or low-quality raisins. In addition to that, we store the raisins at a cool temperature in a cold storage facility. This helps in maintaining their quality to a great extent.

The quantity of the raisins is also as we advertise without any deception.

When we advertise a box of raisins weighing 1 kg, it means the weight of the raisins is 1 kg. It does not include the weight of the box. Therefore, we do not believe in deceiving our customers. We provide the right quantity of raisins as per our advertisements.

You will enjoy cost-effective prices.

You must be wondering why we provide our raisins at low prices when the quality of our raisins is impeccable! Well, here is why! Maharashtra is one of the biggest manufacturers of grapes as well as raisins in India. Moreover, the Nashik and Sangli districts of the state produce grapes and raisins in bulk. This is precisely why our rates are so cheap. We sell raisins directly from Maharashtra. All you have to worry about is finding time to enjoy these delicious raisins.  

We store the raisins in cold storage.

In order to ensure the optimum quality of raisins, they must be preserved in a cold storage unit. We maintain a low-temperature atmosphere. This ensures that the quality of our raisins is top-notch. The temperature in our cold storage units is somewhere between 0 and 5-degree Celsius.

You can pay online easily.

Living in the 21st century, it is important to give our customers all the flexibility they need. You can make easy and quick payments through our portal. We provide a multitude of payment options. They include Net Banking, PayUMoney, Credit Card and Debit Card. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the mode of payment. You can simply enjoy scrumptious raisins delivered at your doorstep.

You can buy in bulk in different quantities of 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, and 15 kg boxes.

The packaging of a box also determines the quality of a box of raisins. At Raisins Mart, we offer distinct forms of packaging. You can choose from 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams to 15kg. You can easily order bulk raisins and black raisins online from our website.

We deliver throughout India.

Another reason to choose Raisins Mart is that we deliver raisins in bulk throughout the country. If you wish for us to deliver raisins outside India, we can do that too! We work according to the availability of the transportation services at our disposal.

You will enjoy an exceptional shopping experience.

We cannot explain this point very well because our consumers can only experience it. When you shop for raisins or place an order on Raisins Mart, you will have a great time. We provide unparalleled services and great shopping experience.

These are 10 persuasive reasons why you must buy raisins online from our portal today. Now, let’s check out a few more advantages when shopping for raisins from Raisins Mart.

Delivery of Bulk Raisins Online

Raisins Mart is unlike any other online portal and e-commerce platform. Usually, the e-commerce stores you see these days are “a jack of all trades.”

However, you cannot say the same for Raisins Mart. We are a premium and reputed e-commerce platform. Moreover, we sell exceptional quality raisins at cost-effective prices. The main reason why you should choose us is that we sell ONLY raisins and nothing else.

Raisins are a much-loved variety of dry fruits. They are popular throughout the world for their delicious flavor profile. Raisins are also popular for their health benefits. They are great for snacking. You can even mix them with your favorite beverage or dessert. Middle-eastern countries like to incorporate raisins in their savory dishes. Raisins are very popular and have a mass appeal as a dry fruit. Therefore, we decided to become the biggest manufacturers of raisins in Maharashtra. It would not be wrong to say that we have largely succeeded in our venture.

Coming back to bulk delivery, we provide raisins in retail and wholesale quantities at affordable rates. You can buy black raisins online from our platform in different types of packaging. The packaging starts from 100 grams to 15 kg. Even though we offer raisins in bulk to our consumers, you do not have to worry! We will never provide you with substandard quality of raisins. You can easily buy raisins online India from our website without worrying about getting a fake product.

Global Delivery of Raisins Online

Furthermore, we deliver raisins not just throughout Maharashtra or India but globally. If you want us to deliver raisins for you outside India, we can do that too. We export raisins of different varieties to middle-eastern countries and the European market as well.  The varieties include black raisins and golden raisins. Also, if you want quick deliveries to your loved ones, we can do that too. We offer a special discount on festivals and joyous occasions. Therefore, you never have to think about the price. You can easily buy quality raisins for you and your loved ones.

Online Payment Integration

Consumers also enjoy shopping with us because we are very flexible in our payment options. For us, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Therefore, we offer a wide range of payment options to all our customers. They include Net Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayUMoney. Furthermore, you can also easily access our website on your mobile phones. Our e-commerce platform works well on mobiles and tablets. Also, it has a very user-friendly interface. This means that you can simply navigate or browse through our website. After that, you can buy premium quality raisins at discounted rates.

We also offer the option of Cash on Delivery (COD). So, you can rest easy! Check the quality of raisins before making the payment. We understand that even in this digital era, not all our consumers would be tech savvy. So, we accommodate everyone. We keep the option of Cash on Delivery open for all. If we deliver the package at your doorstep and you don’t have cash, don’t worry! You do not have to run to an ATM for cash withdrawal. Our delivery staff keeps credit card machines handy whenever they deliver packages to our consumers. This means you can change your payment option at the last moment. You can use a Credit Card or a Debit Card. This kind of flexibility and online payment integration has earned us many loyal customers.

Wholesale Raisins Online

There are countless wholesale and retail stores online and offline. They provide wholesale raisins in bulk. However, none of them can match our bulk delivery of raisins. They can also not match our quality either. We believe that nothing justifies a box of substandard raisins, not even bulk quantity. So, we check each and every piece of raisin manually for quality. Also, we preserve them in cold storage units. It ensures 100% genuine quality. Furthermore, we produce and manufacture raisins in the Nashik and Sangli district of Maharashtra. Therefore, you get to enjoy lip-smacking delicacies. You also get the sweetest and most addictive tasting raisins. So, you can buy raisins online from Raisins Mart without any hassle.

Delivery of Raisins Online Directly from The Farms to Your Doorstep

The most important parameter of good quality raisins is the grapes. Red grapes are a staple of the Nashik region of Maharashtra. They are very popular in the Indian wine tourism industry. Also, Nashik enjoys sublime weather conditions. It also has plenty of rainfall throughout the year. So, the quality of grapes produced in the area is very good. Due to this, the raisins we manufacture are also of the best quality. No other manufacturer sells raisins and delivers them directly from the farms to your doorstep. Therefore, you can enjoy the fresh quality of raisins. This will help you in boosting your health significantly.

Our Belief & Our Vision

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science of natural healing. Its origin lies in India’s Vedic culture. People did not believe in the concept of Ayurveda for many years. Still, it has been enjoying a lot of popularity in India as well as worldwide. Ayurveda clearly states that there is a relationship between raisins and Ayurveda. Many people use raisins in Indian cooking because of their healthy properties. The ancient rishis of India also taught people to incorporate raisins into their daily life. This allowed them to be more aware of their health and consider their medicinal value.

Ayurveda also states that raisins have a very cooling effect on our body. Also, the combination of cinnamon and raisins can help regulate many processes in your body. Some such processes include our brain and lungs.

We are strong believers in Ayurveda. Therefore, we decided to join our beliefs and turn them into a vision. Our vision today has turned into a reality. We enjoy excellent feedback from happy customers. They have felt the benefits of our excellent quality of raisins. Moreover, we have been in the business of manufacturing and selling raisins for years now. We have established a wide range of clientele. It is extremely loyal to our platform. We have a regular stream of customers. Our raisins have helped many people with their health problems. Therefore, it gives us encouragement to keep helping more people.

Bottom Line

Raisins are a great food item. You can eat them every day. They can be good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Everybody loves raisins. It is also good for both children and elders. You must buy them and make sure it is good quality. So, you will help yourself and your family members. You will also have to visit the doctor less. It will be amazing for your body and mind.

Raisins Mart enjoys the attention of customers worldwide. This is due to our good quality raisins and best services. If you have been reading our homepage, then you know what is best for you. Feel free to look around! Choose your favorite type of raisins from our online store. Buy now! We guarantee you will come back again!

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If you want to test our quality & to be satisfied guarantee try our 100 gms packaging first and then decide and go for bulk raisins.

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